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​ 5 adults, spacious interior

Equipped with roof carrier

Move large luggage with you

​ Enjoy your stay in a luxury minivan

​Supporting customers' movement comfortably


Ordinary taxi in Nagano City
Same price as

First ride 700 yen

Transfer fee: 200 yen


​Various payment methods available

Various credit cards

taxi ticket

QR code payment

​Electronic money etc.


​Virus infectious disease countermeasures

The car is equipped with an ozone generator and negative ion air purifier.


​Get points with LINE@

​10 points

A chance to exchange it for a gift certificate worth 1000 yen!


​Come here

GPS service

​You can specify the location you want the taxi to come to on Google Maps


​Navi service

​You can check the location and estimated arrival time of the waiting taxi in real time.

​Care taxi

The driver is a certified care worker.

For second-time and subsequent patients, we can accompany you in the hospital on behalf of your family.

​Please leave it to us with confidence.

​Fishing and Cruising Plan

This is a charter plan where you can enjoy both sea fishing and cruising.

We will adjust the time and course according to your wishes.

​Please feel free to contact us.

​Driver introduction

Daisei Taxi

​Ryozo Maruhashi

My name is Maruhashi from Daisei Taxi. I live in Togakushi, Nagano City, about 20 minutes from Nagano City.

These days I enjoy taking care of my garden at home.

Providing peace of mind, safety, comfort, and convenience as a familiar taxi for everyone.I drive by this motto.


Luxury minivan taxis in Nagano City are safe, secure, and comfortable personal Daisei Taxis with the same price as regular sedan-type taxis | Nagano City Taxis - daiseitaxi
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