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Taxis in Nagano City are safe, secure and comfortable personal Daisei taxis with free pick-up fees and low initial fees.

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Please check the time zone and make a request from the buttons ①②③④ below.

​Call TAXI at this time

Early in the morning, after business hours, or when you really need a taxi and no matter where you ask, it's no use!
Combined hourly charter and meter rate
(30 minutes ¥ 3900 ~ meter fee)
You may be able to receive it (those who absolutely need a taxi,
Is it better to travel more than 5km? )
Please contact Daisei Taxi!


I called a taxi
Not yet? Where are you now?
Eliminate from anxiety!
With Daisei Taxi, you can check the location of the customer by sharing the Google map.
​* (If you can't open the URL, please turn on mobile data communication in the settings) or enter the URL
Please copy and paste to google maps

 ​ Luxury minivan taxi (ordinary car)

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Taxi nearby, Taxi from here

Taxi reservation, wagon taxi, jumbo taxi

Sightseeing taxi, Chartered taxi

Nagano city taxi, call a taxi

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