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Come here! GPS service! byDaisei Taxi

​This service can be used conveniently when calling a taxi to a location that is difficult to explain.

Please take advantage of it.

​How to use

1. Open Google Maps and flag the location where you want to call a taxi.

② Next, click the Share button to make a copy.

③ Open the reservation form and paste the message at the bottom. Fill in the necessary information in the reservation form and submit! Now you can wait for our response.


④ We will reply to you by phone, SNS or email to confirm your reservation.
In addition, we will send customers who have made a reservation a URL with location information that shows the arrival time of the car and its movement status.


⑤ You may not be able to open the page depending on your mobile phone settings. In that case, please copy the URL and paste it into a Google search.

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