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Come here! GPS service! byDaisei Taxi

​This service can be used conveniently when calling a taxi to a location that is difficult to explain.

Please take advantage of it.

​How to use

Copy Daisei Taxi email address


Open ​!

​1 Long press and mark the place you want to call a taxi!

​2 When you press this button, an email transmission screen with the URL of the map will appear!

1Google Maps.jpgdaiseitaxi

​ Paste ① on the send screen

Since mailto: is attached before the address, double tap or right click to edit and delete!

​Message Please include your name, phone number, pick-up date and time, and pick-up location address.

​We will inform you of the movement status and arrival time of Daisei taxis using location information using GPS on Google Maps.
* URL sent on SNS after request
Please open!
If it does not open, it may be blocked by your settings.
In that case, cancel or
Copy the URL received on SNS
google it (paste)
​ please.



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