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​ Pick up and drop off at the hospital is    Daisei Taxi!


​Wheelchair accessible (610mm wide) OK!
Daisei Taxi
A wheelchair with a reclining function (610mm in width)
I am lending it.
It has a stretcher function.
This stretcher function is
The reclining function puts it in a wheelchair state

Nursing care taxi fee

*(meter fare)

Initial ride ¥610|Waiting time 90 seconds ¥100

Same as regular taxi

Assistance and waiting time from the reservation time

Including meter (time combined) fee

*(Hourly charter fee)

Price is for time only, regardless of distance

​30 minutes ¥3900

¥1100 (tax included) if assistance (slope, etc.) is required

Depending on the reservation status

A separate 30 minute charter fee (¥3900 for 30 minutes) may be charged.

There you are.

Wheelchair (with reclining function)

Rental ¥2200 (tax included)

Please contact us for details.

​Reservations in the morning (6:00 to 10:00) on the day
During business hours (10:00-3:00) the day before
Thank you for contacting us.

​​Please let us know your phone number when calling.

​Driver is eligible for Caregiver Beginner.

​For morning reservations, please let us know by the day before.

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