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Daisei Taxi is
Can also be used as a nursing care taxi

​ Pick up and drop off at the hospital is    Daisei Taxi!

​Reservations in the morning (6:00 to 10:00) on the day
During business hours (10:00-3:00) the day before
Thank you for contacting us.

​​Please let us know your phone number when calling.

Rent a wheelchair with reclining functiondoing.

Overall width 610mm
​Can also be used as a stretcher.

*When boarding, you will be in a wheelchair.

Daisei Taxi rental wheelchair

​About nursing care taxi fees


Metered fare

​700 yen~

Pick-up fee: 200 yen

​Hourly rate (30 minutes)

From 4,300 yen

​ or

Assistance fee

​1,100 yen

​It will be added to assistance other than getting on and off.

wheelchair rental

​2,200 yen

Reclining function

​With stretcher function

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