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​First ride
​700 yen

Taxi fares in Nagano city
Lower limit ¥ 610 ~There are taxis with an upper limit of ¥640.
Daisei Taxi is ¥610
than other taxis​ About 5%It's getting cheaper.

​Hourly reservation
​4300 yen~

Hourly charter is the best taxi fare plan for long-distance travel. Please use it for going to the airport, going out to a distant place, or for round-trip errands.
For 4 to 5 people, you can travel for about the same cost as the Shinkansen. It's very convenient and saves you time and effort during transit.
Hourly rental rates start from 4,300 yen per 30 minutes.

〇 Please inquire about airport transfers and long distance charges.3

Nagano Station and Daisei Taxi

​〇 Distance to destination x about ¥415 is a guideline.

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