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Daisei Taxi

Please check the operating hours before contacting us.
​The vehicle you requested may not be able to answer the phone! If the number of calls is 5 or more, please wait for a call back or select another vehicle.

You can freely select a taxi by referring to the operating hours, vehicle type, and driver profile of registered taxis, and make requests and reservations directly by phone, SNS, e-mail, etc. By paying attention to the fact that registered taxis are selected, we believe that we can provide our customers with services that are safe, secure, convenient and comfortable. ​  Recently, we have been receiving inquiries from new customers, requests for multiple units, requests for after hours (customers are having trouble booking taxis), and due to duplicate reservations. It's getting more and more to refuse. I don't think this is efficient for me or the customer. Therefore!In the midst of Corona! So that customers and taxi workers can smile! Since we have just started, we are always looking for taxi vehicles to be posted (regardless of individual or corporate drivers, taxi workers). Thank you for your cooperation.

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NET Association
(net association
Nagano. Selectable Taxi Association
Secretariat       Contact Ryozo Maruhashi
4385-15 Togakushi Tochihara, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture
☎ 026-214-5962
fax   050-1061-4324

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