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​Centrair Airport

Narita Airport.jpgdaiseitaxi

​Narita Airport

Haneda Airport.jpgdaiseitaxi

​Haneda Airport

​Daisei Taxi also offers airport and long-distance transfers!

4.11 No need to worry about large items! Trailer towing service launched

Move bulky luggage with you. Five adults can now ride comfortably.

Trailer Size

Depth 1430 x Width 1130 x Height 650

Taxi trivia

There are two types of taxi fares: meter-based fares and time-based fares.
Metered fares vary depending on distance, while hourly fares vary depending on time. hourly rate is better
Cheaper for long distance travel. For example, if you go from Nagano City to Tokyo, it will cost more than 100,000 yen one-way if you use a metered fare, but if you use an hourly fare, it will cost about 80,000 yen for a 10-hour round trip. (Express fee is required separately)

​ Don't worry even if you are not good at Japanese. Direct the location on Google Map ⇒⇒⇒

​Reservations in the morning (6:00 to 10:00) on the day
During business hours (10:00-3:00) the day before
Thank you for contacting us.

​​Please let us know your phone number when calling.
​Daisei taxis are equipped with roof carriers, so
​5 people can ride with large luggage.

Capacity: 5 people, spacious interior
​Move large items with you by installing a roof carrier

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