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Nagano City Taxi Price List Revised on October 1, 2020

Nagano City Taxi Price List

Taxi fares in Nagano City are divided into three types: regular cars, large cars, and specified large cars.

A regular car is a car with a displacement of 2 liters or less (2.5 liters or less for hybrids) and a passenger capacity of 6 or fewer people.
Most taxis waiting at taxi stands or driving around town are regular cars.

A large vehicle is a vehicle with a displacement of more than 2 liters or a passenger capacity of more than 7 people. In Nagano City, there is little demand, so it is not generally running.

Please note that small taxis do not exist in Nagano City.


Taxi fares in Nagano cityRegardless of the type of vehicle, all are normal car rates!

​Reservations in the morning (6:00 to 10:00) on the day

During business hours (10:00-3:00) the day before

Thank you for contacting us.

​​Please let us know your phone number when calling.

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