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Taxi fares in Nagano cityRegardless of the type of vehicle, all are normal car rates!

​ (individual) Daisei taxi is a normal car with a starting price of ¥ 610.


​For long distances, please contact us.

​Reservations in the morning (6:00 to 10:00) on the day

During business hours (10:00-3:00) the day before

Thank you for contacting us.

​​Please let us know your phone number when calling.


All taxis that run Nagano City, no matter how big or luxurious they are

Ordinary car fare!

A taxi running with an empty lamp on, parked, or at a taxi stand

All taxis are regular fare.


Nagano City's normal taxi fares range from ¥640 to ¥610.

Ordinary car fare 640 yen (Most taxis adopt the upper limit!)

Models include Corolla, Aqua, Comfort, Prius, Serena,

Such as Estima, Crown, Alphard, Odyssey etc.

From small cars to large cars, there are cars that have a passenger capacity of 6 people or less

It is a normal car fare.

In addition, it is usually running with the empty car lamp turned on, stopped, or

All taxis at the taxi stand

It is a 640 yen taxi for a normal car fare.


Large taxi 810 yen

large taxi

Vehicles with displacement of 2000cc or more, excluding hybrids, or vehicles with 7 or more seats

They are called large taxis. Usually such taxisExcept reserved carfundamentally

Not running!


Specified large taxi 870 yen

Specified Large Taxi This car is mainly a welfare vehicle. I don't run outside of my appointment.

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